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Hardware & Software Solutions for Cash Automation

Tempo Financial Solutions’ focus is on identifying and accommodating the evolving needs of our customers in today’s competitive financial marketplace. We offer innovative hardware, software and managed services solutions specifically designed for branch automation. Our primary function is to assist you in utilizing technology to enhance productivity and efficiency within a branch. Our diverse offerings represent a “best of breed” approach, designed to meet the specific challenges of YOUR institution.

Hardware Solutions

Our "best of breed" philosophy allows us to partner with manufacturers that offer innovative technologies for any market where money handling is a necessity. Financial, Retail, Entertainment venue, whatever the need and we have products to automate, integrate and add security to what you do.

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Maintenance Solutions

Tempo Financial Solutions has trained technicians covering 11 states. Our in-house service team offers repair to the component level and our mission is to keep your equipment performing at its peak optimal level. Need it working by next day? Ask about our streamlined Depot Solutions for maintaining your equipment.

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Software Solutions

Tempo Financial Solutions has created custom software applications designed to work with our hardware products or perform unique functions. We connect lobby self-service coin counters to Core banking systems, automatically transfer check data for processing and translate raw data into useful information.

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Self Service Solutions

Branch Automation and Hardware Integration, two areas of expertise, equate to allowing your customers to help themselves. This allows your staff to focus on what serves the customer better and generate revenue for your business. Let us help you save time, energy and money with our Self Service Solutions.

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Integration Solutions

Have devices that need to communicate to each other? Tempo Financial Solutions has been creating custom integration solutions for products in the financial and retail industry for over ten years. We have in-house developers creating custom software solutions. Give us a call and let our expertise help you.

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Monitoring Solutions

Utilizing the newest technologies, Tempo Financial Solutions offers users the opportunity to monitor their products and see error reports, clear errors, replenish supplies or escalate a call to their service partners. This technology enables the maximum level of up-time to the end user. Call us for details.

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